Productions Promoting Agency

We bring plays to spaces setting groundworks for authentic conversations relating to topics surrounding responsibility, choice, community, and connection.
Through observations, students get a chance to see parts of themselves in the theater.  Our talkbacks have much more to do with unpacking the audience's experience. In our listening, we restore faith that the community is listening to their requests.  

Workshops in Self Awareness

We teach students healthy ways to self-reflect and express their emotions in spoken word and poetry.  Getting to know oneself is instrumental to learning.  

As students write and share their experiences, they grow as individuals choosing honor in themselves with honor for the world. 

Collection Exposed Series: Youth Advocacy

Bringing youth from all around the world in an evening producing the platform for their voices to be heard on stage.  Students can share poetry, music and plays expressing what matters to them and whats wanted and needed for global shifting.